Monday, August 10, 2020

Computer Basics: Printer and Its type

Printer and Its type: Dear Readers, today I am going to write an article about List of Computer Printer and Its type in this post. We will tell you all the types of Computer Printer and its type and The advantage of the Computer Printer and Its type. Please keep in touch with us, we will continue to update the full tutorials of the Computer Basic



It is a Standard output device by which we get a hard copy (paper layout) of our information.

The printer is an output device, it is used to make a hardcopy of the data of the computer. After the keyboard, the printer is the only device that is used most often. Printers are used to print office documents in offices, homes and business establishments.

Generally, the printer is connected to a computer with a computer and it gives you the print when you have the Ctrl + P command from any application. But new technologies are used with the latest printer. Wireless printing is the main. In this, the printer is connected to Wi-Fi and the cloud. As you sit away, you can command the printer. With Cloud technology, you can also command the printer and remove the print from mobile.

1. Impact printer:

An impact printer comes in contact with the paper. It usually creates an image of the print by pressing an ink ribbon against the paper using a hammer or pin. Examples of Impact-Printer: Dot matrix Daisy-wheel Drum

2. Non-impact printer:

The printer in which the ink ribbon does not hurt on the pages for printing is called a non-impact printer. These printers use spray and other electronic technology for printing. Examples of non-impact printer: inkjet printer laser printer

According to characteristics, there are mainly three types of printer:

Character/Serial: Dot Matrix, Daisywheel
Line Printer: Inkjet, Drum, chain
Page Printer: Laser

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